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XP Gasoline Additive 8oz #8900813 Castle® Power Steering Fluid 12oz #8900824 Castle® Double Dry™ Isopropyl  12oz #8901201 Castle® Fireball Plus 12oz #8901202
XP Gasoline Additive

Castle® XP Fuel Conditioner™ is a multifunctional fuel additive for all carburetor and fuel injected gasoline
powered vehicles.

Use of XP™ will prevent gum and varnish build up on fuel intake valves and fuel lines.

XP™ also contains corrosion inhibitors and will work as a fuel stabilizer.

(Mix 1 oz. per 3 gallons of gas when used as a stabilizer).

• Automotive
• Bus
• Farm Equipment
• Truck
• Heavy Equipment
• Marine


Add one 8 ounce bottle for up to every 20 gallons of gasoline.
Castle® Power Steering Fluid

Castle Power Steering Fluid is carefully formulated to exceed performance required by the following auto manufacturers: GM, Ford, Chrysler, AMC.

Castle Power Steering Fluid contains anti-oxidants, anti-foam agents, rust inhibitors and friction modifiers to help reduce squeals while conditioning seal.

Uses: All standard power steering systems.

Fill to specified level. DO NOT OVERFILL.

12 oz 24/case

Storage: No special instruction.

Color - reddish
Specific Gravity - 0.88
Flash Point - 400°F
Effect on Paint - none
Odor - bland
Density - 4.0
Freeze Stable - yes
Castle® Double Dry™ Isopropyl

Castle® Double Dry™  is a pure isopropyl dry gas that removes up to 10 times more  water than cheaper methanol alcohol.

It allows the water to mix with the fuel and be burned in the normal combustion  process. Double Dry™ is safe for all types of fuel systems. 

Use in cold weather to prevent frozen fuel lines or any time to remove harmful moisture caused by condensation.

Double Dry™ also contains a rust inhibitor to protect the fuel system while it removes moisture.

Uses: • Automobiles
           • Snowmobiles
           • Diesel Engines
           • Marine
           • Snow Blowers
           • Fleet

 1. Always add before filling tank.
  2. Cars: one 12 oz bottle treats 16  gallons.
  3. 4-Cycle: add one ounce for each gallon of gasoline.
  4. Diesels: add 2 to 4 bottles per saddle tank (approx. 50 gallon).

12 oz (#8901201) 24/case
Castle® Fireball Plus

Description: Castle® Fireball Plus™ cleans the entire vehicle fuel system through the gas tank, removing deposits from intake valves and fuel injectors.

 It reduces emissions and corrosion components, extending the life of the fuel system and reducing octane requirements after two successive treatments.

Fireball Plus™ contains no alcohols and will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

Gasoline engines that are experiencing drivability problems. Fireball Plus™ can be used as preventive maintenance.


1. Add one bottle before filling up.
2. For life time cleanliness of the fuel system use.
3. One 12 oz. bottle of Fire Ball Plus treats 20 gallons  of fuel.

12 oz  24/case
5 gal pail

Keep away from spark and flame.

Color – amber
Specific Gravity – 68°F
Cleaning – excellent
Effect on Paint – keep off paint
Odor – Petro
Freeze Stable – yes
Degreasing – excellent
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Engine Starting Fluid Fire One 16oz#8901604 Mag 1 Power Steering Fluid Honda 12oz #892509 CHF 11S Hydraulic Fluid 1-liter #892511 Sea Foam 16oz #892SF
Fire One
Engine Starting Fluid 16oz

Castle® Fire One™ is a professional quality, pure ether starting fluid that can be used to start all gasoline and diesel engines.

Fire One is even effective at extremely low temperatures.

This exclusive formula contains upper cylinder lubricants as well as anti-corrosive additives, and meets all DOT regulations.

Automotive Truck


Recreational Vehicles Small Engines
1. Do not use with glow plugs.
2. Spray one or two short blasts (avoid excessive spray).
3. Crank engine to start.


Mag 1 Power Steering Fluid Honda 12oz

A non-corrosive fluid that has be specifically formulated to meet the power steering requirements of HONDA® and ACURA® vehicles as well as GM Saginaw power steering units.

MAG 1 Power Steering Fluid for HONDA® vehicles has been blended with
detergent additives, anti-foaming agents and an anti-wear additive to provide the best protection possible.

Benefits of Mag 1 Power Steering Fluid for HONDA® Vehicles includes:
  • Helps prevent wear & corrosion
  • Will not clog or foam
  • Prevent leaks by protecting seals
  • Reduces bearing, piston and valve noise


CHF 11S Hydraulic Fluid

Color: Dark Green
Synthetic Oil Based

Pentosin  CHF 11S is a synthetic high performance hydraulic fluid for life-time application in modern vehicle aggregates.

Pentosin CHF 11S is especially
designed for hydraulics in the automotive industry with the highest technical requirements such as in: power steering, level control, shock absorber,
hydro-pneumatic suspension, stability and traction control, hydraulics for convertible tops, central lock systems, etc.

It is suitable for all extreme
conditions and guarantees full performance from -40 Degrees C to over 130 Degrees C system temperature.
Sea Foam

100% pure petroleum for use in all engines

Cleans carbon, gum and varnish deposits internally

Cleans fuel injectors, removes moisture and stabilizes fuel
Techron #892TECH  

One little bottle can help protect your new investment or restore your used car as close as possible to its original performance.

Either way, it keeps your engine running clean and can even prevent faulty fuel gauge readings.

Simply use every 3,000 miles or at every oil change.