Castle® Professional Sandable Primer™ is available in three colors: Red Oxide, Gray, and Black. This fast dry formula makes metal rust resistant, hides minor imperfections, and sands down to a perfect smoothness. It can be used on wood, metal and fiberglass.

• Auto Shop Repairs
• School Buses
• Frame Repair
• Marine





8914182 16oz

A specially designed formula to promote super strong adhesion to all TPO-polyolefin based materials before painting or repairing. Seals in oils and plasticizers that are an integral part of any polyolefin based substrate. Fast tacking.

Non isocyanate.

8914186  20oz


This primer chemically etches the surface of bare metal to replace the "metal conditioning" (E-Coat) step on bare metal.

May be used for the repair of small
rub-throughs to bare metal or the complete coating of new panels.

Professional fan spray.

Corrosion resistant.
Excellent adhesion.
Dries fast.

Easy to use.
No measuring, mixing or gun cleaning.


891418 20oz
8914525 16oz

A high solids zinc rich primer, formulated to provide corrosion protection between panels when spot welding
with MIG welders.

Meets MIL Spec MIL-p-46105 (MR).

8914527 16oz


Formulated to eliminate the corrosion that forms between welded surfaces. Provides excellent adhesion and superior conductive properties that minimize the heat zone, thereby reducing distortion and welding splatter. Fast drying time. Exceptional weldability and sprayability.

One pass coverage, Immediate welder arc, Minimal spatter and proven corrosion protection

8920713 880ml FACTORY MANIFOLD GRAY <br><small><em>Replaced with High Temp Paint</em></small>


Two component chemical liquid used for the final skimming of a polyester putty repair or for direct application onto minor imperfections on bodywork prior to over-painting

Shrink resistant

Self-leveling - will not pinhole

Tack free and bleed through resistant

Ideal for skimming over finished body filler

Can be used on bare steel, galvanized/zinc coated steels, aluminum and OEM surfaces

Weight: 2.200 lbs.
8920768 400ml FACTORY MANIFOLD GRAY <br><small><em>Replaced with High Temp Paint</em></small>

High adhesion, super conductive copper rich Weld Through Primer

Offers excellent rust protection for SPOT, MIG & TIG welding applications

High purity copper provides excellent conductivity & adhesion to metals.

Fast drying formulation speeds up the welding process
8920789 400ml FACTORY MANIFOLD GRAY <br><small><em>Replaced with High Temp Paint</em></small>

High adhesion super conductive Zinc rich Weld Through Primer

Effective rust protection for SPOT MIG and TIG welding

High purity zinc gives excellent conductivity

High purity copper provides excellent conductivity & adhesion to metals

Fast drying formulation speeds up the welding process



POR-15 Epoxy Putty sticks to damp surfaces, and will cure UNDERWATER! Strong enough to drill and tap, POR-15 Epoxy Putty is gentle enough to apply with your bare fingers.
892FMG GALLON FACTORY MANIFOLD GRAY <br><small><em>Replaced with High Temp Paint</em></small> POR-15® High Temp Paint is capable
of withstanding extreme temperatures
up to 1200°F and will resist cracking, chipping, and peeling. It is also extremely weather, salt and moisture resistant. We guarantee this to be the most uniform heat-resistant coating available anywhere. Sandblasting is
the optimum surface preparation.  Can be used on all cars, domestic or 

foreign.  Meets or exceeds properties and requirements of MIL-C-13370.


POR-15® Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit have been designed for the special needs of bikes and other small fuel tanks such as recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, outboards, generators, etc. Order a POR-15® Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit today, and experience its quality and durability for yourself!

Each Kit Contains:

POR-15® Cleaner Degreaser to remove gum, sludge, varnish

POR-15® Metal Prep to remove rust & prepare tank for sealer

POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer creates a permanently sealed tank

CLOTH PATCH for sealing large holes or reinforcing weak areas

BRUSH for applying patching system
to exterior of tank


POR-15 Metal Ready
METAL READY provides the best adhesion for POR-15 on any surface, including aluminum and shiny polished metal surfaces

Simple process gently etches metal

Creating an ideal anchor pattern for coatings such as POR-15

Avoid other preps that may leave harmful residues which prevent proper adhesion


POR-15 MARINE CLEAN cleans and
degreases in one application without
leaving residues, noxious fumes or
flammable solvents

MARINE CLEAN removes grease,
oil, mildew, algae

MARINE CLEAN removes musty odors,
soap films, wax.

892PPB 4oz

POR-15 Porpatch 

Fix that Seam or Channel with Por15 Patch. For years our customers have asked us for a thicker version of our world-famous POR15 for filling seams or holes. Here it is! POR PATCH is, quite literally, POR15 in a tube, and like POR15 it dries as hard as a rock, remains flexible, and once dry is totally impervious to fuels and solvents. It's so tough it actually adds strength to weakened metal. And it won't absorb moisture and swell like conventional body fillers.

Use it to:

Permanently seal seams
Repair loose furniture joints
Patch holes in steel, wood, or plastic
Fix holes in fuel tanks
Bond steel to plastic, wood or concrete
Repair concrete and cinder blocks


892RSG GALLON Strip Gel
Aircraft Paint Remover

POR-15® Strip Gel provides a superior aircraft-grade formulation resulting in a highly effective paint remover that quickly lifts the toughest automotive coatings from metal surfaces. Its
heavy-bodied consistency provides excellent vertical hold perfect for
upright and difficult to reposition projects. The Strip Gel formula is safe for all types of automotive metal.

• Results in 5 Minutes
• Thick Gel Formula for Vertical
• Multiple Layers of
    Automotive/Industrial Paints and
•  For Professional Use

892SB GALLON Shark Bite - Ultra Premium Body Filler

High performance, lightweight body filler with outstanding adhesion to steel (including galvanized), aluminum, E-coat, SMC, fiberglass, and sanded/cured primer and paint. Sanding to bare metal not required! Smooth, creamy, EZ sanding, pinhole-free finish. Includes 2.75 fl. oz. hardener.

The SUPER STARTER KIT is for customers anxious to try out the entire 3-step rust-stopping system, as well as those customers who need only a small amount of product to cover the metal they plan to paint.

You'll get a 4 oz. can of POR-15® Gloss Black (enough to cover 6 square feet with 2 coats), a half-pint of POR-15® Metal Prep, two wooden handle paint brushes, and a pair of our special high-dexterity surgical latex gloves, PLUS an 8-ounce bottle of our famous POR-15® Cleaner Degreaser, the world's greatest WATER BASED degreaser.

Especially formulated for thinning
POR-15® High Temperature Industrial Maintenance Coatings


Here it is, the toughest, most beautiful white coating you'll ever use. Our internationally-famous POR-15 WHITECOTE cures to a rock-hard, non-porous finish that won't chip, crack, or peel when applied as directed. It's perfect for wrought iron patio furniture, plumbing fixtures, etc., because it's super-tough, not UV-sensitive, and brilliantly white. Use it to repair a bathtub or sink with chips or rust stains, or to paint and protect an old boat, trailer, RV or anything you want permanently white