879735 Xtra Seal Bead Sealer
32 Oz. (945ml)
Xtra Seal - Bead Sealer
  • Flammable

  • For sealing small air leaks between the tire bead and the wheel.

8900751 Castle® Lock De-Icer
5/8oz Aerosol 

Lock Deicer

Castle ® Lock De-Icer is a specialty product designed for use mainly in cold winter months but may be used as a lock lubricant all year.

Its petroleum-based formula will melt ice that has formed in the lock cylinder.
A special lubricant is added to protect locks from drying out and rusting after the ice is thawed.


• Auto
• Marine
• Tractor
• Snow Blowers
• RV’s
• Aviation
• Industrial
• Snowmobiles

1. Insert red tip nozzle into keyhole and push against lock.
2. To treat severe icing, repeat procedure.
3. Allow a few moments for thawing action.


8900837 Castle® Brake Life™  Hi-Temp Silicone
8oz  Cheez-Wiz  

Silicone Paste
Brake Life

Castle® Brake Life™ non-curing silicone lubricant is a grease-like formula that combines an inert amorphous silica filler with selected polydimethyl silicone fluids.

This product has excellent dielectric properties; is very water repellant, resists oxidation, and is essentially non-toxic and non-melting.

Brake Life™ shows very little tendency to dry out. It is nonvolatile, resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, and is excellent for lubricating rubber and plastic components.

• Lubricant for automotive braking systems
Outdoor Equipmen

8901008 Finger Lakes Fresh Air™ Spray
12oz Aerosol

A/C Fresh Air Spray

Finger Lakes Fresh Air™ is a pleasantly scented disinfectant designed to remove foul odors from air conditioning units.

Fresh Air™ will effectively kill mold and mildew that cause foul odors.

The pleasant lemon scent leaves after a short time, leaving only clean, fresh smelling air.

• Air conditioning vents of auto, home, motor homes, offices, trucks, and buses.

Directions for Auto Use
1. With engine running, turn air on normal, low fan.

2. Raise hood and spray into air intake vents.
3. Turn off engine. Spray into internal vents, let sit 10 minutes


Tranny Sealer & Conditioner

Castle ® TC-12™  is formulated with a special blend of additives that ensure cleanliness and lubrication of vital automatic transmission parts.  TC-12™ works to clean, lubricate, and prevent leaks, while preventing
system wear.  

When transmission fluid is changed, 1/3 of the old fluid is left in the torque converter.  

To keep the old fluid from contaminating the new fluid, treat with TC-12™ . 

Compatible with all conventional transmission fluids, full synthetic and synthetic blends.

Treats up to 16 quarts.

8901602 Castle® White Lithium Grease™
16oz Aerosol

White Lithium Grease

Castle ® White Lithium Grease™ is recommended for applications where metal meets metal.

The heavy duty formula sprays on for easy and convenient use. White Lithium Grease™ will not freeze, melt, or wash off, and is an excellent corrosion inhibitor. Extension tube included.

• Farm
• Home
• Industrial
• Chains
• Brake Parts
• Conveyors
• Marine
• Lawn Equipment
• Door & Hood Hinges
• Tools

1. Shake well.
2. Spray on surface to be lubricated.
Use extension tube for pin point application or hard to reach places.

8901606 Castle® Muscle Grease™
16oz Aerosol

Muscle Grease
Red Aluminum

Castle ® Muscle Grease™ takes over as a lubricant where lithium and calcium grease leave off.

The aluminum complex base of Muscle Grease™ enables it to excel in heavy load, extreme pressure situations and over a wide range of temperatures (0° F to 350° F) without melting, hardening, or thinning.

It is 100% waterproof and resists corrosion from acids, alkalis, and salt.

Muscle Grease™ sprays like a liquid
to penetrate, and then sets up as durable grease.

Fifth Wheels
Electric Motor Shafts

Piano Hinges

Shake the can well.

2. Spray evenly on the surface to be lubricated and let set.
3. Use extension tube for pin-point application.


8901607 Castle® Long Life™ Battery Protector
16oz Aerosol

Battery Protector

Corrosion is the greatest enemy to the life and energy of automobile and truck batteries.

Castle® Long Life™ provides a protective coating on battery connections to resist corrosion.

When grease is used, it can penetrate the connection and eventually lead to a dead battery.

Long Life seals the connections to increase battery life and power.

• Cars

• Marine
• Golf Carts
• Aircraft
• Trucks
• RV’s
• Lawn Equipment

1. Clean connections with
Castle ® Corrosion-Off™

2. Coat battery connections thoroughly with Castle ® Long Life™


8901614 Castle® Corrosion Off™ Battery Cleaner
16oz Aerosol

Battery Cleaner
Corrosion Off

Castle ® Corrosion Off™ cleans batteries and detects leaks in one easy operation.

Corrosion is dissolved while Corrosion Off™
detects the location of acid leaks by turning a bright red.

A reapplication will show if the acid has been totally removed. This detection feature is a valuable aid in locating cracks and leaks in batteries.

Maintaining battery connections can extend the life of your battery while preventing no-start conditions.

After cleaning, coat the battery with Castle ® Long Life™

• Cars

• Marine
• Fleet
• Aircraft

• Golf Carts
• Lawn Equipment

1. Spray all areas of the battery and allow it to stand.

2. Flush with water. Avoid splashing onto painted surfaces.
3. Reapply to determine if all corrosion has been removed.
4. Repeat until no red appears.
5. Coat connections with Castle® Long Life™ .


8901615 Castle® Trak™ Belt Dressing
16oz Aerosol

Belt Dressing

Castle ® Trak™ Belt Dressing is designed for all types of belts, including fan belts, serpentine belts,
V belts and flat belts. Trak™ will eliminate squealing and slipping, restoring full power. Trak™ will also prolong the life of the belt.

• Auto
• Truck

• Tractor
• Marine

1. Be sure surface is free of foreign matter.

2. While belt is moving at idle speed, spray a light application to inside surface.
3. Repeat application at regular intervals to maintain traction.

8901619 Castle® Leak Tracing Powder™
16oz Aerosol

Tracing Powder
Leak Seek

Castle ® Leak Tracing Powder™ is an easy tool to help locate troublesome fluid and air leaks.

Simply spray this highly sensitive powder in the area of suspected leakage, and it will quickly reveal the location. Locates any leak, including air, oil, gas, transmission fluid, etc.

• Doors
• Trucks
• Cooling System

• Glass
• Rear End
• Power Steering

• Transmission Fluid

1. Varies by application. Consult product label for specifics


8901622 Castle® Iron Man™Chain & Cable Lube
16oz Aerosol

Chain/Cable Lube
Iron Man

Castle ® Iron Man™ chain and cable lubricant stands up to the tough job of lubricating and protecting all types of chains and cables.

This favorite of the towing industry foams on smoothly for maximum protection.

It is an extreme pressure lubricant that has an outstanding affinity to metal, which allows it to cling to the treated surface without becoming gummy.

Foaming action also promotes deep penetration for complete lubrication and corrosion protection.

Regular use of Castle® Iron Man™ helps promote longer cable life and exceptional performance.

• Towing
• Chain Drives
• Boom Trucks

1. Consult label for specific applications.

8901623 Castle® Kleer Kote™ Ignition Sealer
16oz Aerosol

Ignition Sealer
Kleer Kote

Castle ® Kleer Kote™ ignition sealer keeps out moisture, helping eliminate hard starting caused by wet wires.

• Automotive
• Aviation
• Marine
• Recreational Vehicles
• Snowmobiles
• Tractors
• Industry

1. Mix 12-16 parts water with 1 part concentrate in clean bucket.
2. Apply the solution with a window brush, cloth or spray bottles.
3. Clean from outside edges first. Turn cloth often.

8901627 Castle QT Disc Brake Silencer
16oz Aerosol

Disc Brake Silencer

Castle ® QT™ disc brake silencer is the fastest and most effective way to stop disc brake squeal.

The high temperature and water resistant properties assure long term effectiveness.

Use QT™ when brake squeal is present or when replacing pads.

• Cars
• Trucks
• Motorcycles

1. Spray the back of the pad with an even coat.
2. Allow QT™ to dry until it is sticky, but not wet.

8901629 Castle® Zapp™ Special Electronic Cleaner
16oz Aerosol
Special Electronic Cleaner

Castle® Zapp™ is a non-conductive, non-corrosive cleaner and degreaser of electrical equipment.

It is ideal for removing dirt and grease from delicate or sensitive electronic equipment and will not harm most plastics, paint or wire insulation. Zapp™ has high dielectric strength.

Its three-way action cleans, restores, and protects.

• Electric Motors

• Starter Motors
• Relays
• Circuit Breakers
• Instruments

Shake well.

Hold 6 - 8 inches from surface to be cleaned.
3. Spray from top to bottom to flush dirt away.
4. Avoid use on PVC, ABS, acrylic styrenes and polycarbonates.

Pre-test on all plastic surfaces.

8901630 Castle® Endura™ H/Duty Pentrating Grease
16oz Aerosol
Synthetic Grease

Castle® Endura™ is a high-strength lubricant with exceptional adhesive strength.

It sprays as a liquid, penetrates tight areas, and sets up as long-lasting grease.

PTFE is added, giving Endura greater lubricity and heat resistance.

This exclusive formula assures that the product will penetrate and stay where it is sprayed, resisting resist throw off, squeeze out, high pressure, and water.

Castle® Endura™ provides protection against rust, corrosion, acids, and alkalis; it has a temperature range of -30°F to over 600°F.

Endura™ is also salt resistant.

• Open Gears

• Marine applications
• Chains and Sprockets
• Lawn Equipment
• Door Hinges
• Farm Equipment
• Fleet Truck
• Rubbish Companies

1. Spray area to be treated long enough to saturate.

2. Allow to penetrate.
8901656 Castle® Bright Knight™ Finishing Polish
16oz Aerosol
Car Wax
Bright Knight

Castle® Bright Knight™ aerosol finishing polish is great for show room touch-ups.

Sales managers love the way Bright Knight™ removes finger prints and dust.

Wax the entire car or just a panel in minutes. Bright Knight™ will not turn white on molding or emblems.

• Showrooms

• Show Cars
• Trucks
• RV's
• Tool Boxes

1. Shake well.
2. Spray directly on surfaces.
3. Spread using a soft cloth.
4. Let dry or remove right away using a gentle overlapping motion.
8901697 Castle® Liquid Torch™ Penetrating Oil
16oz Aerosol
Liquid Torch

Castle® Liquid Torch™ penetrating oil features quick-acting foam to help remove the toughest nuts and bolts.

Its constant lubrication continues to perform, even under the most extreme conditions.

• Auto

• Farm
• Marine
• Truck

1. Spray Liquid Torch on rusted and frozen or corroded parts
2. Allow time for deep penetration and be amazed.
8902005 Castle® Thrust™ Penetrating Oil
20oz Aerosol

This ion-activated Castle® Thrust™ has an affinity for metal that enables it to penetrate deeper and faster than regular penetrating oils.

A special blend of lubricants assures constant lubrication and resists high temperature breakdown, even under the most severe conditions.

Castle® Thrust™ foams in order to minimize run-off and keeps more product working on the rusted part, and will not “burn off.”

• Auto

• Manufacturing
• Marine
• Lawn Equipment
Heavy Machinery

1. Spray Thrust™ on rusted, corroded, or frozen part.
2. Let set 3 minutes.
3. Remove part.
4. In bulk, can be brushed on.
8902009 Castle® Hug™ Tire Bead Sealer
20oz Aerosol
Bead Sealer

Castle® Hug™ tire bead sealer is a fast, easy, and dependable aerosol designed to eliminate troublesome bead leaks, on radial tires.

Hug™ creates an airtight seal where the bead and rim meet, and is particularly effective in preventing bead leaks on tires that have been stored for a period of time.

It is excellent for mounting new tires or remounting old tires, and will not harden or cause difficult removal.

• Mounting Tires

• Removing Tires

1. Clean rust and foreign matter from area on rim where tire bead will make contact.
2. Hold can 6 to 8 inches from surfaces and spray entire bead.
3. Continue mounting tires.
4. After spraying, clean spray head and extension tube by turning upside down and spraying until only pressure escape.
8902011 Castle® Terminex™ Disinfectant
oz Aerosol


Castle® Super 50-5™ is a multi-functional product for the factory, shop, home, and office.
It penetrates, disperses water, rust proofs, and lubricates at the same time. Because it is
so versatile, its uses are unlimited.

Independent tests show it outperforms all the competition.

• Automotive
 • Marine
 • Aircraft
 • Home
 • Sporting Equipment
 • Farm
 • Industry
 • Electronic

1. Check back of can for suggestions.


8902024 Castle® Terminex™ Disinfectant
oz Aerosol


Castle® Terminex™ is an effective hard surface disinfectant, as well as a fast-acting deodorizer and air freshener. It can be used on any location to kill dangerous germs and eliminate foul smelling odors caused by microorganisms.

Use Terminex™ to control mold and mildew, and to disinfect against many types of bacteria.

 Terminex™ may be especially useful for smaller jobs, such as disinfecting telephone receivers, drinking fountains, and all places where a disinfectant concentrate is inconvenient.

• School

• Telephones
• Nursing Homes
• Hotels / Motels
• Garages
• Hospitals
• Laboratories

1. Shake can well before using.
2. Pre-clean, removing all soil deposits from surfaces and spray until wet.
3. Allow to remain wet for 10 minutes.
4. Let dry and repeat from time to time as required.
5. As an air freshener: aim can upward to center of room and spray for one or two seconds.


8902093 Castle® Meta-Seal™ Brake Squeal Eliminator
20oz Aerosol
Anti-Squeal Spray
Apply Directly on Rotors 

Castle® Meta-Seal™ Brake Squeal Eliminator is a spray-on metalizing treatment designed to prevent brake noise at the source.

Micro-fine aluminum particles form a molecular bond with rotor/drum friction surfaces to end annoying vibrations and brake squealing.

Effective on all brake systems, Meta-Seal™ extends the life of the brake components.

Benefits last for up to one year or 10,000 miles of average driving.

All Automotive Types

CFC Free
• ABS Sensor Safe
• Effective from –60° F to 1200° F

1. Perform complete brake job and thoroughly clean all surfaces.
2. Spray a light mist of Castle® Meta-Seal™ making sure not to saturate.
3. Apply directly to rotors/drums and pads/shoes.
4. Complete assembly and installation.

5. Apply brakes several times at low speed to burnish the Castle® Meta-Seal™ particles into the friction surfaces.

8914550 Clear Pen-Lube Penetrant / Lubricant
20oz Aerosol
Penetrant / Lubricant
Clear Pen-Lube

A multi-purpose clear lubricant. Penetrates instantly.  Prevents rust. Sprays thin - changes to a grease. No silicone - Body Shop safe! Tenacious adhesion. Safe on paint. Will not
wash off.

8914560 Dry-Tef Lube Dry Lubricant
20oz Aerosol


A non-greasy, non-staining, clear, dry lubricant for most surfaces. Eliminates squeaking and chirping due to friction. 

Will not attract dust and dirt or stain fabric.

No silicone - Body Shop safe!

8911470 IES 2000 Anti-Seize Lubricant Brush-On
oz Brush-Top

A special copper and graphite lubricant used to prevent seizing, galling, reduce friction and prevent corrosion. 

Withstands temperatures of 2000°F.

Uses: brake parts, bolts, nuts, etc. Will not wash off.

Excellent on frame machine bolts

8914570 IES 2000 Anti-Seize Lubricant Aerosol
892100045 Exhaust Assembly Paste - Muffler Cement
Exhaust Assembly Paste

   • Iron - reinforced
 • For catalytic and regular exhausts
Shop size
For easier muffler and pipe  installations
Avoids "come - backs"
Used by vehicle manufacturers

892105 Lubriplate No. 105 Assembly Grease
10oz Tube
Assembly Grease
Lubriplate No. 105

The original white Motor Assembly Grease
89211350 White Lithium Grease
1# Tub
White Lithium Grease
89215067 Rear Window Defogger Kit Loctite Quick Grid
0.6 oz
Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit Loctite

Quick Grid Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit provides a low-cost, high-quality repair for damaged rear window defogger grids.

This is a complete kit for a superior repair.
Quick Grid is the result of a joint research project with the General Motors Research Center.

Permatex provides repair solutions for windshields, rearview mirrors, rear window defoggers and headlight lenses.

89235 Prussian Blue
3/4oz Tube
Prussian Blue
Permatex Prussian Blue Fitting Compound aids precision-fitting of machined surfaces and locates high spots on bearings, valves, gears and other close-to-tolerance components.

Non-drying, with easy clean-up.

80gm Tube
Copper Paste Anti-Seize

Copper Paste is a superior, anti-seize and extreme pressure lubricant formulated to protect metal parts against rust, corrosion and seizure.

Fine metallic and graphite particles in a special grease protect parts even in high heat, high pressure and corrosive environments.

This product does not contain lead, molybdenumdisulfate or halogen compounds.

Resists alkaline solutions, most chemical and acid vapors, road salt, steam, salt water and iodized water Prevents galling on steel to stainless steel, titanium, magnesium and other hard metals Application - Nuts, bolts, screws, Shafts, Pipe fittings, Gaskets, Boom guides, Press fit assemblies, Valve assemblies, Taps and drills, Pump mountings, Packing glands, Chain drives, Metal fittings, Machinery
8929619 Tire Leak Detector (Red)
Tire Leak Finder / Detector
892PB PB Blaster Penetrating Catalyst
16oz Aerosol
PB Blaster

Powerful penetrating oil that frees stubborn rusted or immobilized parts.

Leaves a protective film after penetration.

Displaces moisture.

Pinpoint spray nozzle works upside down.
893486 Pipe Sealant with Teflon
50ml Tube
Pipe Sealant

Provides immediate low pressure sealing performance for tapered pipe threads.

This product is designed to cure when in contact with metals fully installed.

Lubricates and resists corrosion.

Prevents leakage and loosening from vibration and moisture in hydraulic, pneumatic, steam and process piping.

Allows final adjustment up to 24 hours after application.

Instant sealing to 10,000 psi.

An excellent replacement for pipe dopes and pipe tapes. Will not crack or shrink.

Contains PTFE. "567 Loctite® functional equivalent"

893494 Thread Sealant with Teflon 4oz Brush-Top
4oz Brush-Top
Thread Sealant

All-purpose thread sealant. Seals threaded connections for air, oil, diesel fuel and hydraulic oil.

Remains pliable.

Temperature ranges -65°F to 300°F.

Performs better than tapes.

Withstands pressures up to 10,000 psi.
893558 Aluminum Anti-Seize 8oz Brush-Top
8oz Brush-Top
Aluminum Anti-Seize

A heavy-duty economical industrial anti-seize lubricant that contains finely divided metallic particles in a special no melt petroleum base grease.

Prevents carbon fusion and seizure up to 2000°F(1093°C).

Protects against corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Resists water, salt solution, most shop and automotive fluids.

Reduces coefficient of friction by a minimum of 20%. "76732 Loctite ® Functional Equivalent"

893560 Aluminum Anti-Seize 16oz Brush-Top
16oz Brush-Top
893635 Dielectric Grease 5oz Tube
5oz Tube
 Dielectric Grease

Prevents boot tears, corrosion, arcing and the fusing of spark wires to spark plugs.

Maintains its consistency in extreme temperature.

Resists moisture, acids and alkalines.

Moisture proof seal for automotive, marine and other ignition and electrical systems.

For distributor caps, battery cables, posts and terminals, light bulb sockets, trailer hitch and all other types of electrical connectors.
893661 Anti-Squeak Paste 4oz Bottle
Squeeze Bottle
Disc Brake Quiet

Dampens vibration at caliper/brake pad interface to eliminate brake squeal.

Resists diesel fuel, ethylene glycol, water, grease and brake fluid.