A flexible, self-sticking sound deadener mat made of a
high-density polymer film with a layer of rubberized asphalt and an aluminum supporting layer. Easy to install and is flexible (conforming to irregular shapes) and self sealing. Will not crack or dry out and is water and weatherproof!

  • Deadens Sound

  • Easy Installation!

  • Waterproof/Weatherproof

  • Flexible and self-sealing

  • Does not crack or dry out

  • Conforms to irregular shapes

  • Lightweight, easy to handle/install

6 x 31.5'
8911521 12 x 31.5'
8911522 18 x 31.5'


Used to replace factory installed pan insulators damaged in collisions.

Reduces road noise.

Use on floor pans, trunks and door skins.

Self sticking and paintable.

Can be heated to 300F to conform to irregular surfaces.


12 x 12 x 1/16

8911582 58 x 33 x 1/16


These pads restore vehicles to O.E.M. specifications to provide original quiet ride. They also act as a waterproof barrier.
  • Self-adhering, sound deadening pads designed to reduce noise levels in cars and trucks

  • Cuts easily with a razor blade, knife or scissors

  • Can be heated up to 300 degrees F to conform to any irregular surface

  • Permanent bonding once affixed

  • Extra strength for floorboards

10 x 20 x 3/32