Our product catalog is organized numerically with a 3 or 4 digit prefix number.
Each 3 or 4 digit prefix number tells you what the part is i.e. part number 0571025:
057 is a Zinc Metric Hex Head Bolt.
The rest of the number, 1025 tells you the size, 10mm x 25mm.
This is true in several instances but not all.

Body clips are designated with a 500 or 501 prefix  with Auveco's part number
as the rest of the number in a lot of instances.  An example would be a 50111130,
Auveco's part number 11130 and our 501 designating American manufactured cars.
In the case of an import car we use the 500 prefix.   Auveco is a recognized Supplier
of body shops so we use their numbers for simplicity of ordering.