RC Glow Plug Thread Repair 1/4-32 Glow Plug Spark Plug

6600142 NOTES:

p/n 6600142 will include 5 inserts of the .380 length.

OPTIONAL: GLOW PLUG KIT p/n 6600142SP will have insert length of .180
We have a special length for 1/4-32 RC spark plug (GLOW PLUG) kit
p/n 6600142SP. The steel insert has a length of .180 inches with a copper
coating for heat. The kit will repair any 1/4-32 stripped glow plug that is .180
inches or 4.6mm.  Kit includes drill, counterbore, tap, install driver and
5 inserts& sealer.  The glow plug will now seal on the inserts flange
preventing blow-by.

Sealer included
p/n 6626020 required on the external thread of the insert.
Below is a insert installed in a RC head