Our spark plug repair kits are considered "Over the fender"  meaning you do not
have to remove the head for spark plug thread repair.

The following instructions are for kit part numbers 6604412 and 6604412E

  1. Start the step tap into the hole to be repaired
    keeping as straight as possible.
  1. Use the wrench provided, place wrench over tap and
    tap new threads. Continue to tap through until the cutting edges are
    approximately 1/4 inch below surface.

    Leaving the tap 1/4 inch below the surface ensures that the seat cutter
    will not hit the back of the tap flutes.
  1. Leave the step tap in the hole. Place the seat cutter over the shank.

    The seat cutter does two operations. First the seat cutter will cut the
    countersink for the flange of the insert, then it cuts a new seat for the
    sparkplug washer.

    This operation is the same for the taper seat inserts.

4. Using the wrench rotate the seat cutter. After a
few turns lift the seat cutter to inspect the seat.
Repeat operation until the seat is completely cleaned
up. Remove the step tap from the hole.
Detailed note:
Good Seat Complete
Bad Seat
1/2 incomplete
  1. Make sure the hole is clean and dry. Lubricate the driver tool with
    Time-Sert driver oil. Screw the insert onto the prepared hole.

    If doing deep hole repairs:
    Lubricate the driver tool with Time-Sert driver oil or 30wt Oil.
    Screw the insert onto the driver then into the prepared hole.
  1. Using the wrench provided rotate the driver into the insert. When the
    insert is seated the driver will tighten up. With increased pressure
    continue to rotate the driver through the insert until it loosens up.
    Then back the driver tool out of the insert.

    Note: Taper seat inserts
    These inserts are silver plated and require sealer p/n 6626020 on
    the outside of the insert.

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  1. Repair is complete. Solid steel threads are square to the
    reconditioned seat, insuring a good spark plug seal.

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