F A Q 
                         Frequently Asked Questions                      

I received the wrong merchandise.  How can I return it and get
the stuff I
ordered ?
Just give us a call and we will issue a “call tag” to pick it up  at your
business or home.   The correct merchandise will be shipped, if in
stock, and billed the day you call and you will be issued a credit for
the returned goods when we get them back.

Some stuff I ordered was not in my box.
The invoice will show what was shipped and anything that was not
in stock. Our computer tracks backorders for our customers and
they are shipped out asap when they arrive in our warehouse.
Please check to see if the item is on backorder.

If the item shows shipped, but it wasn’t, let us know.  It is
possible that we overlooked a number.  We are sorry for
any  inconvenience we may have caused and the part will be
shipped to you immediately,  if available in stock.

Do you have a cost recovery system available that I can use to
charge for the fasteners I use in my business ?

Yes we do. We have a program from Au-ve-co Products  called
Fastrack”.  Read all about this very efficient program.  Just
click on the link to see how you can start saving money in your