What is FasTrack Web?

FasTrack is an easy-to-use, web base application designed to assist body shops and dealerships in recovering the cost of the body repair clips and fasteners used in daily collision repairs.

Why was FasTrack Web created?

In the past the cost of fasteners used in collision damage repair was often an expense that was not recovered by body repair shops. Insurance companies considered these items "a cost of doing business" and were either reluctant or refused to pay claims for these items unless they were presented an itemized invoice detailing the cost of these items for each vehicle repair order.

Many body shop repair technicians were unwilling to take valuable time away from actual repair to prepare these detailed invoices. As a result these items were often not invoiced and ultimately cost the body shop hundreds of dollars a week. With the help of FasTrack, these once profit draining parts can now become a source of additional income for your body shop.

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Designed to enable you to quickly and easily create a supplemental invoice in order to get reimbursed for those clips and fasteners you have been giving away for years!

FasTrack Web is our latest Internet-based innovation to make the cost-recovery process for clips and fasteners, simple and easy-to-use. It is ideal for any shop that wants an easy way to process a quick invoice for any product they would like to be reimbursed for. 

This application runs entirely through your Internet Browser.  The benefits are obvious.  There is no local shop install-process needed.  All that is required is a good connection to the Internet, a free internet browser, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and an annual login obtained thru D & S Sales.

There are no distributor installed annual updates to worry about, the data resides on our fast Internet server and is always up to date with the latest parts and information. When Auveco adds features and enhancements to FasTrack all users get immediate benefit.  When Auveco adds new parts to their extensive clip line, all users have immediate access.

The easy-to-use FasTrack Web system will allow you to quickly create professional invoice documents to enable recovery of the cost of body repair fasteners from the Insurance companies.  Because FasTrack Web is built around Manufacturer-Specific OEM Dealer List Pricing, you can count on acceptance and payment from the Insurance Company.  The Auveco technical staff is constantly researching and updating the OEM data base and FasTrack Web is immediately updated with the latest information

FasTrack Web is a very economical solution for both small and large shops and will easily pay for itself in the first week of use. It is also capable of working with a remote data collection device.  Although most users will find the application’s easy to use data entry screens suitable for their operation, FasTrack Web does offer an option to use the application with a barcode scan device.

FasTrack Web Application Features

1. Item Information

FasTrack Web gives the Body Shop user complete access to an extensive database of over 10,000 Auveco parts commonly used in auto body repair. The FasTrack Database includes detailed information about every item including applicable manufacturer-specific OEM numbers and OEM list pricing. FasTrack is the only software of this type offering OEM pricing! 

2. Updates

Auveco strives to be on the cutting edge of the body repair business. As new products are added to the already extensive Auveco product line, they are also added to the FasTrack Web Database instantly giving you access to the latest parts available.

3. Invoices

The major benefit of the FasTrack system is the ability to quickly and easily create professional, accurate, detailed invoices that can be submitted to the insurance companies to recover the cost of body repair fasteners. All this is done through a simple to use data-entry screen

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4. Customization/Inventory Control

FasTrack Web can also be used to invoice non-Auveco parts used in your body shop such as adhesives and cleaners.  These items can be easily added to the database at either the Body Shop or Distributor level. FasTrack Web has full-featured inventory control system. This allows the body shop manager to enter initial inventories and to set up reorder points for replenishing stock in a timely manner. The Shop’s Auveco Distributor is able to remotely monitor these inventory levels and pro-actively replenish stock if so desired.

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5. Reports

FasTrack Web is capable of running many different and useful reports. Not sure that you can convince your technicians to use the system? Run a technician report to see who is generating the most income. Offer an incentive to the tech with the best cost recovery!

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Our Handheld Scanner is an optional tool that we offer to use in conjunction with the FasTrackWeb program. Made by DataLogic, the rugged Memor unit is truly a mobile computer which offers a variety of optional functions as well as barcode scanning capabilities. Through a wireless connection your technicians can use the DataLogic device equipped with a laser scan head to scan the items they use and be back to work in just seconds. The easy-to-use data collection routine systematically walks the technician thru the process. As they scan the items, the Memor sends the information directly to the FasTrack Web software program.  There are no time-consuming downloads or data synchronizations.

For shops that have the ability to have a Laptop, Notebook or a PC in close proximity to their clip bins, we offer a Cord-Type USB Scanner. Using the Laptop, Notebook or PC with internet connection, simply plug this scanner into your USB port and you will instantly have the scanning capabilities of the wireless scanner only at a fraction of the cost!  

6. FasTrack Web System Requirements:

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