Topper Cap 3/16




A closed cell, vinyl  foam  weatherstrip developed to provide a seal between pickup truck caps and side rails. 

One side has a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive,  the other side has a polyester lining to protect against paint damage.

30' Roll

Permatex Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive
5oz 8928011

Permatex® Black Super
Weatherstrip Adhesive

The Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive by Permatex is a
black viscous liquid contact type cement designed for use on
door and trunk moldings, body side moldings, decorative trim,
and for all types of automotive weatherstripping.

It is an air-drying  contact cement that ensures quick bonding yet has enough versatility in tack to allow large areas to be spread and bonded at one time. The drying characteristics allow for repositioning parts after contact is made.

The maximum strength of this adhesive is attained after all the solvent has been released.

Non-porous surfaces, if assembled while the adhesive is wet, will prevent the release of solvent,  and in this case the adhesive will take longer to dry and achieve maximum strength.

Tack free time is 3-4 minutes. A substantial bond will form when  the surfaces are mated, but maximum strength will be obtained only after  the adhesive is completely dry.

Force drying with moderate heat will increase  strength. Cure times will vary with temperature, humidity, and gap.