P/N 6601812CORE


This tooling is used in rocker arm thread repair where
the threads must start a few millimeters deep below a "Slot".

The core drill countersink combination will have to set by hand.
We use this special 4 flute core drill because it makes drilling
thru a slot easy. Using a traditional 2 flute is difficult because
the drill bit wants to hang on the slot and break.


Rocker arm support can be GM style 3100 and 3400 models along with
Buick and others.  Picture below is of the Olds Alero V6 rocker arm bolt
and support.  The insert must be below the notched portion of the support.
or our standard repair kit for the M8x1.25 will not work.  The special 4 flute
core drill included will cut thru the notched  area without difficultly. A
standard 2 flute drill would hang on the sides.