Universal Bigsert Thread Repair Timesert


The drill included in the BIG-SERT kit oversize's the original head alignment dowel
hole in the block. The original OEM dowels would fall thru after Big-Sert Insert is installed.

Universal BIG-SERT head bolt kits include 2 dowels - you need to specify which one you
would need.  There are 2 different sizes available to choose from for the M11x1.5 kits :

Toyota / Honda style .530 diameter p/n 66231304

General Motors style .617 diameter p/n 662J-42385-508BS.

The head alignment dowel aligns the head to the block at the time of assembly
there are normally
2 head alignment dowels used per side of the block.
Note: Some vehicles may not need dowel e.g "Nissan" as the dowel is NOT located in the head bolt hole,
but off to the side.

Subaru dowel p/n 66211126 upper diameter size .579 inches or 14.7mm (Kit p/n 66011125BS M11x1.25)

Notes: Head alignment dowels for M10 BIG-SERT universal head bolt kits ( 2 sizes available )
Special dowel p/n
6627588BS diameter .530 inches. (used in BMW)
Special dowel p/n
6626255BS diameter .550 inches. (used in Toyota and Honda)